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Can you smell the Thanksgiving feast?

We all know that Thanksgiving has its traditional foods - turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing - you know, the works.

But where did all this come from? Why do we dine on a bird every year in November? Well let me tell you:

In 1621, there were a plethora of wild birds on the East Cost, including geese, ducks, swan and of course - turkey. When a group of settlers went out 'fowling,' they brought back many wild turkeys, geese and ducks! This is where it started, and why birds, and turkey specifically, adorned the table at that first Thanksgiving celebration. The turkey has become the icon and the main course for Thanksgiving meals all around the country.

Another fun tidbit - the Wampanoag brought the settlers a gift of "five deer" (as accounted by Edward Winslow in his journal)(History Channel) on which to dine. Clearly, there was plenty of game to enrich their celebrations.

My favorite part of a Thanksgiving meal is the stuffing. I love it and I am not ashamed of that. However, stuffing did not used to be the great dish that it is today. The bird of honor was usually stuffed with onions or herbs and nuts to give the birds a little pizzazz, if you will (just writing this makes me hungry).

Speaking of traditions for this illustrious holiday - pie. Pumpkin pie, apple pie and my favorite - pecan pie. Every single year my family does one of each with the ever important question - which is better? This conversation has become something of a tradition for all of us at the dinner table.

So tell me - what are some fun traditions your family partakes in?

Pictured left to right: homemade pecan pie, Thanksgiving table set, blackberry glazed ham (I ruined the turkey a few years ago)



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