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Pintler's Portal Hostel is two months in! What does that look like?

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

We've been open a busy two months, doing the finishing touches in the building, sharing our story, giving handfuls of tours daily, selling coveted 5518 products, and providing people comfortable, affordable, surprisingly delightful accommodation!

There's nothing more enchanting than the savory aromas that greet us when our guests from all around the United States and other countries apply their culinary skills. There is nothing more energizing than the spontaneous dancing inspired by the closet musicians who give life to our piano and guitar! There is nothing more satisfying than to hear "this is the best hostel I've every stayed in," and "I slept great!"

Lodging Reviews Anaconda MT
See what our guests have to say!

To all who have joined us on this journey - thank you! Share our story. Help others know there is niche accommodation in Anaconda.

Everyone else - please come see us! We provide tours daily from 11-6!

Pintler's Portal Hostel is a place to make friends, share stories, embrace cultures, and make your stay mean more! It is Your Base Camp to Anaconda and all the great outdoors this area has to offer!

See our website at for more information.

Check out our pin map. Two months in. This is a thing!

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Who is staying at Pintler's Portal Hostel?

What's next - watch for "What is a Hostel? In Montana!?"

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