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The Continental Divide Hikers are in route – and many will visit Anaconda!

The CDT:

  • 3100 miles between the borders of Mexico and Canada

  • Five states: New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana

  • Takes approximately five months

  • Southern terminus – Crazy Cook Monument or Lordsburg. NM – typically start April-May

  • Northern terminus - Glacier National Park at Waterton Lake or Chief Mountain border crossing – typically start in June

Map from USDA Forest Service

Who does this? Thanks to a CDT survey done and reported by about the 2021 class, we know some things about these adventurers:

  • Gender: Male – 62.3%; Female - 34.4%

  • Age: 30-34 @ 31.03% followed by 25-29 @ 25%. Average age is 35. Cool to know that 3.45% are 60-69 and 1% of the total are over 70!

  • Education: 22.4% have advanced degrees; 50.7% have a Bachelors degree; 21.8% have some college education or an Associate Degree

  • Geographic representation: 9 different countries - USA leads 91.3%; 41 different states - Colorado the highest at 14.1%

Photo credit Zach Vanderplate

Other interesting facts about the 2021 class:

  • 17.3% are first-time hikers

  • 50.9% began the hike alone

  • In 2021, 37.9% of first-time hikers began the hike alone

  • Most difficult section: Colorado @ 80.3%

  • Easiest Section: New Mexico @ 67.9%

  • 80% of those who started finished the hike

  • Most prevalent reason for not finishing the hike: injury @ 38.2% and most often incurred in Colorado @ 41.7%

So how are they able to take so much time to do this hike? And what kinds of things do they experience along the way? See all survey results at:

It won't be long before the 2022 CDT class starts arriving in Anaconda! Let's welcome them!

Photo credit MontanaPictures.Net








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