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Featured Trail: Storm Lake to Goat Flats

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Storm Lake to Goat Flat is a perfect hike for anyone looking to hike into the Anaconda-Pintler Wilderness and get a beautiful view into the wilderness.

If you have a high clearance vehicle and want to navigate the large potholes in the road you can drive up to the lake, parking is limited so parking down the road is advised. There are great pull out's along the road and this is a great warm up and reduces congestion at the lake.

Trail Description:

There are snow fields to cross right now but easy to navigate. Please stay on the snow to avoid vegetation damage.

From storm lake hike around the lake, cross a small stream bed and start hiking through the forest which provides nice shade.

There is a small waterfall and stream crossing around 1.5 miles that becomes unreliable as summer heats up. As you enter the wilderness hike up to storm pass. This part of the trail is full of well maintained switchbacks that meander through stands of larch and a forest floor of glacier lilies, flax and paintbrush (early on in the season). As you crest the pass you will get a wonderful view into the Pintler's and into the Seymour drainage below. Hike the trail to goat flat where you can continue on or take a lunch break before heading back down.

Mileage: 8 Miles Round Trip (If you park 1 mile below the lake) Difficulty: Easy to Moderate Water: Lake Pets Allowed Kid Friendly Elevation Gain: 2000 feet

Important Information: The A-P Wilderness has a group size limit of 12 people and 20 head of stock. Mechanized travel including bicycles are prohibited in the wilderness. Tread lightly to avoid damaging fragile vegetation, do not pick the wildflowers. Plan well and be prepared as weather changes quickly. Pack out what you Pack In.

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