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Along The Continental Divide Trail

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Fall is right around the corner. The air is getting a bit crisper and daylight is starting to get shorter. But what we at the hostel noticed and what tells us fall is coming is how quiet the hostel is without the CDT hikers laughing downstairs,airing out their gear in the flats out back or chatting with us over a cup of coffee or beer.

This year we had hikers from all over the world come in to stay an evening; some even liked Anaconda so much they decided to stay here another night or two. It was a pleasure having them in the hostel - they always had something interesting to say about their travels. What I enjoyed the most was how they treated everyone like family. Although there were close to 700 or more on the CDT hiking this season, they all asked about each other and would ask if I saw Wild Turkey or Blue Collar (which are trail names) come in yet. When they did come in off the trail they all were happy to see each other.

We had two hiker appreciation BBQ's this season. Both were a great way to get the community together as well as the hikers. The BBQ would go well into the evening as they recounted some antic one of them did while on the trail or how many miles they would be doing the next day. There was much camaraderie.

We are happy to be able to provide the weary traveler and hiker a place to rest, talk to others traveling, and give them that small town hospitality that Anaconda knows how to do so well. We will miss the CDT hikers from this season will be patiently waiting for next year when the first hikers once again step through our doors and share stories from the trail.

Thank You from all of us here at Pintler's Portal Hostel. We wish you all safe journeys.

Photos of Denver laughing at Pneumonia who did an alternate route on the CDT that nobody has done before, He said all he remembered is there was a long stretch that was fueled by beer.

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