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Earth Month

Since 1970 April has been recognized as Earth Month around the globe. It was the result of several human-created industrial disasters, which spawned books and untold articles about pollution and environmental activism. A principle in the observance of Earth Day (April 22, 2023) and the largest month-long observance – Earth Month (April) – is to plant a tree.

The area around Anaconda has paid an environmental debt to industry. Since 1980 this area has been an environmental industrial complex and research incubator for environmental cleanup and habitat restoration. An objective of habitat restoration is planting trees and restoring the natural vegetation.

From 2006 – 2016 well over 100,000 trees were planted on Stucky Ridge, and another 200,000 on Cabbage Gulch and above Mill Creek Highway. Many more are being planned on the north facing slopes overlooking Anaconda. Remembering the benefit earned, followed by the price we have paid for mining and smelting, the revered heritage and cultural diversity remains.

Let’s celebrate the efforts made to restore this beautiful country during Earth Month and recall the history of mining and smelting as an exciting if not always honorable memory. It is still ours to enjoy.

(Photo Credits to Pedro Marques)

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